The Process of Reinventing Yourself

It’s Spring time. You can feel the new glow in the air. Time to renew. Like a butterfly bound by a cocoon, it’s time to fly. Right?

I personally love Spring. Coming from the Arctic Circle, Lapland, Spring was always the time of huge celebration after the long and dark winter. Spring is seen as the reward of sticking through the rough winter days of candle light, fireplace and sauna (actually doesn’t sound that bad but..). If you are not familiar with the Lapland winters, we get taken over by the Twighlight period for most of the November and through January, where we only enjoy about two hours of sun light a day (and it’s not like blue skies, but more like murky moonlight). So you can imagine, once the days start to get longer and Spring starts showing its sunny face, everything and everyone came to life! The most wonderful time!

Spring is the time that helps me to strive to be who I want to be in life. I’ve been reinventing myself for couple of years now really, an ongoing process and a battle (sometimes). I started few years back by thinking what truly matters in life, to me. Only to me, and forget the norm, opinions, judges and pushers. Due to my reinvention strategies, I’ve shed some unnecessary negatives that impacted my soul and spirits. It has worked amazingly well, I feel free and empowered.

In the context of reinventing myself, I have greatly simplified my life. Simplifying in this context does not have a negative connotation to it, at all. What I mean by simplification, is the refocusing of my energy to what truly matters. I have endorsed my passion of the mountains by picking up Back Country Skiing to extend my passion for Alpine skiing. I take the time to read even more; to self-educate myself as much as possible, hosting family and friends when ever I have the time, planning my next career moves with care, and decided on my adventurous move back to Finland, where I know I truly belong.

Right now, I’m extremely career driven and that’s my priority. I also have to remember that people around me are what matter. What are accomplishments and rewards if you got no one to share it with? What is love if you got no one to give it to?

It’s so important to get our priorities straight. They might change within time periods, but the main ones remain in the background, as the driving force for it all.

Celebrating Spring! How does Spring affect you?



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