Bringing Out the Best in People

There are plenty of books we read throughout our educational careers. Some of them do get thrown back to the cycle but the books that make an influence, stay in our book shelves and hearts forever. One of these books that took my heart and I will never get rid off  is entitled as Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Enjoy Helping Others Excel” by Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis. This book is an easy read and definitely ment to be fully enjoyed.

I must first share that I’m an amiable/expressive by nature; a true believer of karma, servant leadership, people lover and an adventurer. This book touched me a great deal because of the sad fact that today, too many people work for bosses that don’t give a damn about you. Such a waste of time and spirits! My career goal is to move people and build connections that do not only help myself to develop as a person but to help others to progress as well and find meaning in their work.

In his book, Dr. McGinnis outlines twelve rules for bringing out the best in people.  Taking into account these twelve powerful principles, one is capable of creating a positive and motivational working environment where the employee productivity comes from the feeling of being appreciated and being part of something better and unique; positive work culture! What a great thing, right?

Rule 1: Expect the Best from the People You Lead

Good leaders look for the positive skills and characteristics in people and strive to encourage and value those particular set of skills in each individual. When showing that you expect the best out of the people around you by encouraging them to excel, this will lead to mutual respect and thus positive results. Nobody wants a boss (or a fellow student, co-worker, a friend to that matter) that is a downer and a watchdog expecting us to fail and just waiting for a mistake to get a change to crash you.

Let’s move one another by encouragement and respect towards each others life and happiness.

”The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”

 –Ferdinand Foch

How do you strive to move others around you?



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